The Regional Fisheries Laboratory Division (RFLD) of BFAR IV-A regularly conducts monthly Water Quality Monitoring of the Padre Burgos Mariculture Zone (PBMZ) in Quezon Province. The activity is in support to the aquaculture industry along with the request of the Local Government of Padre Burgos. The activity started last 2018 to address the issues of possible water deterioration related to aquaculture activities. The PBMZ was established through the Municipal Ordinance No.5 Series of 2005 and is comprised of 500 hectares. Fixed and floating sea cages are situated along the PBMZ area where commodities such as milkfish, pompano, grouper and samara are cultured. Eight sampling sites were established based on the potential sources of contamination. Selected physical-chemical and microbiological parameters are tested to evaluate any changes in the water characteristics due to human activities in the area. The RFLD staff in coordination with the Provincial Fisheries Office of Quezon and with the Municipal Agriculture Office of Padre Burgos Quezon were tasked to ensure the implementation of regulations such as Good Aquaculture Practices and water quality monitoring to maintain the environmental integrity in the aquatic habitat.

Meeting with the MAO of Padre Burgos, Quezon last February 16, 2022. From left to right, Ms. Joy Azarias (Chemist of RFLD), Mr. Franco Bondeci (MAO of Padre Burgos, Quezon) and Mr. Jayson Regonia (Staff of PFO Quezon).

The RFLD Team composed of veterinarian, chemist, chemical technician and microbiologists, conducting sampling and on-site water quality analysis in one of the station of the Padre Burgos Mariculture Zone last February 16, 2022.

Microbiologists of RFLD, Ms. Joselyn Joy Egagamao and Ms. Jessa Larita conducting fecal coliform analysis of water samples collected from Padre Burgos Mariculture Zone using the rapid method.