The graphic design simulates a center to focus attention on the proud symbol of the seas. The circular motif stands for equality and justice, while the merger with the bound stalks and grains that symbolize agriculture in the country implies oneness of purpose and belonging with the mother agency-the Department of Agriculture.

Three blue waves represent the three island groups of the Philippines-Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The Philippine Sailfish (Istiophorus orientalis) on the vortex of the design with its bill pointing upward denotes the lofty ideals and goals that BFAR stands for: It looms big and strong, significant of the powerful arms of BFAR in implementing fishery laws, rules and regulations. The sailfish is an oceanic fish that swims near the water surface in groups of few fishes, which commonly expose their tails above the water. It breeds in the Philippine waters although it is found in almost all seas. It is characterized by the high, sail-like dorsal fin. It is much sought by game fishers for being wary and elusive.

The color blue, which is also the color of the sea, represents tranquility or calmness, loyalty and a sense of belonging.