A marine mammal, identified as a sub-adult female Spinner Dolphin (Stenella longirostris) was found dead along the beach of Brgy. Balanga, Lemery, Batangas. It was reported to BFAR IV-A, Provincial Fisheries Office of Batangas by the local government unit of Lemery. Upon receipt of the report, Mr. Aljohn Andrade and Ms. Donna Fe Valenzuela of PFO together with Dr. Marco Espiritu, DVM immediately responded to the beached marine mammal. Dr. Espiritu performed a necropsy on the dead whale. Tissues were collected for laboratory tests to identify other possible cause of death.

In initial results of the examination, the whale is allegedly a bycatch of a certain fishing gear because of numerous visible signs as characterized by linear to reticular abrasive patterns on the skin. The marine mammal is possibly suffered from extreme stress, during and after capture, handling, restraint and transport, resulted to capture myopathy. Another possible cause of death is stress myopathy due to separation from pod, stranding, and inanition.

The Balayan Bay is known for rich marine biodiversity. BFAR as mandated to protect and conserve the fisheries and aquatic resources is continuously advising the locals residing in the coastal and the fisherfolk to report any information on marine mammal stranding incidents as well as unusual siting of other aquatic wildlife species.