To standardize implementation procedures/methodologies of stock assessment vital in the management and conservation of resources for sustainable development of fishing grounds, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region 4A (BFAR 4A) – National Stock Assessment Program (NSAP) conducts a four-day training on: “Basic Stock Assessment Tools and Techniques” for the newly hired NSAP Data Enumerators and Analysts, conducted last February 16-19, 2021 at the BFAR 4A-Regional Fisheries Training Fisherfolk Coordination Division (RFTFCD) training hall. The training aims to capacitate the Data Enumerators and Analysts on the basic concepts and principles in fish stock assessment, fish catch monitoring and sampling methodology, fish morphology and taxonomic tools for species identification, fishing boat and gear identification, and technical and social aspects of fish identification.

Expert lecturers from the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) of Lobo, Batangas, Mr. Christopher H. Bautista; Tayabas Bay NSAP Data Enumerators, Mrs. Arlene A. España and Ms. Jesusa P. Balbin; NSAP Project Leader; Assistant Project Leaders; and Data Analysts facilitated the said training. Hands-on practical and written exams were conducted. The exams were comprised of fish morphology, external anatomy and species identification, and fish catch monitoring and sampling methods. On the last day of training, sampling materials such as digital weighing scales, logbooks, measuring boards, calculators, references, NSAP forms, etc. were given to the newly hired enumerators.