The Bureau is responsible for the development, improvement, management and conservation of the country’s fisheries and aquatic resources.

An Institution of excellence in sustainable fisheries management and services contributing to the nation’s food security by having 20% fish surplus and improving fisherfolk’s quality of life by 2030.

To protect fisheries and aquatic resources and empower stakeholders to improve productivity.

To attain the vision of a sustainable and competitive fisheries industry we must have:

  1. Sufficient contribution to national food security
  2. Inclusive growth within the industry
  3. Sustainable, science-based fisheries and aquatic resource management practices;
  4. Compliance to international laws, policies, and standards, and enforcement of local laws and regulations;
  5. Strengthened capacities in infrastructure, technologies, human resource, and information sharing; and
  6. Resilience to environmental hazards. 
Integrity, Professionalism and Innovation